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American Screenwriting Competition
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why are you only accepting online entries and not printed ones this year?
Each year we receive over 2,000 screenplays and that translates to more than 200,000 pages of paper not to mention the ink, and transportation costs. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we have made the decision to only accept entries placed through our online form. Screenplays that progress into the quarterfinals will be printed for our judges.
When will the winners be notified?
Quarterfinalists will be notified by late October 2011. Finalists will be notified shortly thereafter according to the judges' schedules.
How will the winners be notified?
All participants will be notified of the results of the screenwriting competition by email. Quarterfinalists will be contacted by email and posted on our Website. Finalists will be contacted by email and posted on our Website. The top five prize winners will be contacted by email and telephone.
Who are the past judges?
All of the people we ask to judge are at the top of the Hollywood pyramid. Some of previous years judges include New Line Cinema, Daily Variety, One Race Productions (Vin Diesel's production company), Cuba Gooding Jr.'s production company, the head of a major television network, as well as many other leading directors, producers and entertainment professionals.
Do I lose the rights to my screenplay if I enter or win the competition?
NO !!! , Winning the competition does not have anything to do with the ownership or rights of your screenplay. The screenplay is YOURS and will remain YOURS even if you win a prize from us. The Grand Prize winner will be offered an option on their screenplay in ADDITION to other cash and prizes. This option will be competitive with Top Level Production companies and you are never obligated to accept it if you do not wish to.
Why do you have so many incentives for those who enter early?
You mean the reduced fees, additional random prize drawings, and lack of deadline stress... yes, we do encourage early entries and here's why:

Reading and fairly evaluating screenplays is a time intensive process. By collecting entries throughout the competition, we are able to save time and energy. Besides, it's fun for us to pass this savings on to you in the form of early prizes and bonuses.

Entering early will save you money and give more chances to win prizes 
but it WILL NOT in any way improve your chances of becoming a finalist in the overall screenwriting competition... only great writing will do that! 

Why is there an entry fee?
The main goal of the American Screenwriting Competition is to find incredible screenplays and the writers who create them. This being the case, we would love to run a free competition but it is simply not possible. The entry fees help to offset the administrative and other considerable costs of producing a major screenwriting competition.
What are the contest rules and regulations?
Please refer to our official rules and regulations page for the complete American Screenwriting Competition rules.
Does my screenplay submission have to fit within a specific genre or budget? 
All genres and budgets are welcome. Screenplays are not judged on genre or budget.
Can I enter more than one screenplay in the competition?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of screenplays that you may enter. You must, however, complete a separate entry form and release form for each screenplay and submit them with the required entry fee. Additional screenplays entered at the same time have a reduced entry fee of $40.
I have an agent, can I still enter a screenplay?
Yes. Having an agent does not preclude you from entering the screenwriting competition. There must, however, not be an option on the screenplay you enter at the time of entry and you must own the material outright.
Can I enter a screenplay if I live outside of the United States?
Yes, international screenplay submissions are welcomed. All submissions must be written in the English language and International submissions must be accompanied by a money order payable in U.S. dollars for the entry fee or credit card information for payment.
Will you accept online  submissions of my screenplay?
Yes! You can submit your screenplay online through our secure Website. We accept .DOC (word), .FDR (final draft), .PDF (adobe), and .SCW (movie magic screenwriter) files.
If I have optioned or sold a screenplay in the past can I still enter your competition?
Yes. The only rule is that the screenplay you submit may not be under option or sold at the time it is submitted to us. Screenplays that have been optioned in the past but have had the option expire with no resulting sale are also eligible.
Will you set the winners up with industry meetings?

We promise to support our winners and help them in any way that we can. It is easy for a company to say that they will set you up with "industry" executives for meetings and then send you off to the company where you will meet with someone as a courtesy for a couple of minutes. Also they can "submit" your material to studios just as you can with an envelope and postage.

Instead we will submit you to people who will not waste your time.

How does the judging process work?
Everyone's script is read and scored. The top screenplays advance to the quarterfinals where they are read again and scored. The leading screenplays then advance to a semi final round where they are read and scored once again. The 10 screenplays with the highest score move on to the finals where they are read and judged by a panel of industry experts.
Who does the judging?
All screenplays are read by experienced readers. Every screenplay that makes the quarterfinals will be read by at least three of our executives, the top ten will move on to the finals. Each finalist will then be read and scored five more times by different industry executives chosen at random from a panel including literary agents, producers, managers, actors, and other top entertainment executives. It is our policy not to disclose the names of the individuals on our final judging panel during the year they are acting as a judge as it is not proper for them to be approached by the contestants before the final decisions have been made.
My friend can not get on the Internet but would like to enter. How can she get an application form?
Your "friend" can call us at .-299-0234 and we will fax her the application package. She may also request the application package by sending a self addressed, stamped envelope to us with a note requesting the application package.

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION? Email us at click here to contact us and we will be happy to help.

| Entry Form | More Info | FAQs | Rules | Prizes |


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