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Presenting Sponsors:
Hollywood Scriptwriter Magazine
Write Brothers: Screenplay.com

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Without A Box, Write-Brain.com
Storybase 2.0 ScriptForSale.com,


Screenplay Contest Sponsor



Screenplay Contest Sponsor
Screenplay Contest Sponsor


Hollywood Scriptwriter:

Hollywood Scriptwriter magazine (HS) is a solid resource tool for screenwriters, producers, directors, and book-to-movie writers. In HS you’ll find articles that help you accomplish your goals or give you insight on what’s going on in the film industry. We go back to the basics and write about information that is sometimes overlooked or forgotten. Even our profiles of industry leaders provide resourceful information about the industry, as well as offer advice from the experts and the accomplished.

Write Brothers:

Write Brothers

Movie Magic Screenwriter, Dramatica Pro, Outline 4D and Word Menu, are all products made by Write Brothers software.  Since 1982, Write Brothers Inc. (formerly called Screenplay Systems) has been a world leader in film and television screenwriting and production software.  We are the only company with software for all phases of writing: creativity, brainstorming, outlining, and formatting.  Our top-selling Dramatica, Word Menu, and Outline 4D writing programs are used by leading novelists, fiction writers, screenwriters, and playwrights.  Movie Magic Screenwriter is the best selling screenplay formatting software and the choice of Hollywood professionals.

Write Brothers

We are the first and the only creative team ever to receive an Academy Technical Achievement Award for screenwriting software.

Hollywood Lit Sales:

Hollywood Lit Sales, Inc has been a premier online destination for writers since 1997. HLS is a one stop shop for writers that ALWAYS delivers. Whether you need coverage services, product downloads, or industry advice, HollywoodLitSales.com is the preferred destination of the American Screenwriting Competition. 

Without A Box:

Without A Box, Inc.


FREE TO USE! Get direct access to hundreds of festivals and competitions worldwide with ONE ENTRY FORM. Use BrigitFest: The International Film Festival Submission System, from our partners at WITHOUTABOX.COM.


Ever wonder what causes a producer to buy a script?  We did.  So we went directly to the source and interviewed over 50 Hollywood producers.  Guess what?  They told us exactly what they want in a screenplay and what they need from a screenwriter.  With that information, we designed advanced screenwriting classes that give you exactly what you need in order to be a professional screenwriter. 

ScriptForSale.com classes include Discovering the High Concept, Creating Characters for A-List Actors, Writing Fascinating Scenes, Great Endings that Cause Buzz, Revealing Subtext, Marketing Your Screenplay, and others.  We also have free screenwriting articles, interviews with industry professionals, and a twice-monthly newsletter for up-and-coming A-list screenwriters.



Power Structure isn't another one of those "fill-in the forms" story development programs; it never tries to tell you what to write nor how to do it!

Instead you write your story using the terms and theories of story telling that make the most sense to you. Write in its unique Playground of the Mindwhere you use your own skills as a writer to produce the strongest, most thought-out, and yes, best structured stories of your career

If you're serious about your writing, you need to be equally serious about your submissions.  Power Tracker can give you the edge to take control of your writing life and get your work into the hands of the people that matter.  Use it properly, and you'll find that it's like having a SELL button on your computer.

Storybase v2.0:

Storybase is a content-rich, interactive, fun-to-use creative resource that will help you become a more effective writer.

Just as conflict is the life force of dramatic storytelling, storybase is powered by an engine of 2363 essential Conflicts – brief suggestions for dramatic or comedic relationships, for scenes and story material - covering virtually every dimension of the human condition.

These Conflicts form the basic elemental pieces of your story - they are useful during every phase of your creative process.



***Do What Works!***

InkTip.com has proven results: From the scripts that have been acquired through our network, 20 have been produced in the last 24 months!  For more details, see www.InkTip.com/endorse.php

Producers use us because it's EASY, convenient, free to industry professionals and open 24/7.   Find the script you need at http://www.InkTip.com!

Writers use our site because we get the most exposure for screenwriters on the Internet.  Register now at www.InkTip.com.


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